Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yuan Wei Quan Vegetarian (YWQ)

Sob:-(, the stall has increased its other menu of the day from $2.20 to $2.30.
Well, what to do? inflation lor :-(

(Sliced Fish meehoon)

Another popular soup mee hoon I like. Nice to have when you need something "soupy" to warm your stomach.
Its fish is well fried & thinly sliced to taste it in 1 mouthful. It is still crispy as added after soup is prepared except for portion dipped in soup. Its soup base is with milk so if you add chilli to it, it becomes semi-laksa. :-)

The foodcourt is located at B1 of HDB Hub. You can either enter thru basement carpark entrance or from entrance besides McDonald from Bus interchange. The stall is located at far right end if from entrance besides McDonald.


Anonymous said...


Interesting, i never tot of adding Veg sambal chilli paste. You are creative - semi laksa.

I love this noodle soup too, but most of the time, i asked for rice instead of Bee Hoon from the veg. stall at China Square, which only serves on Wed noon time.

The vegan version of this is also nice, using soy milk instead of milk. Genesis @ 1 Lorong Telok, near Raffles MRT, have the vegan version, lovely. -- Crystal

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,
Havent tried soy version bf as I believe those stalls I patron are non-vegan . But I gather they shd taste similar. Will try to look for the soya version you mention to try:-)

Cheers :-)

Anonymous said...

Sunny, did you try another veggie stall at another foodcourt, HDB toapayoh hub too? it's at 2nd floor. they have varieties whcih include yong tau fu

Sunny said...

Hi anonymous,
yes, I think that foodcourt is Koufu. Yes, I like their Yong Tau Fu, they also have handmade wonton.
Hadn't visited for quite sometime though.

If only all foodcourts has vegetarian stall.
I think only Kopitiam & Koufu wld always have a vegetarian stall. I hope Food Junction & Food Republic would soon have vegetarian stall in their branches too.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Oh, I finally got to eat there. Hmmm, the price is cheap. But I didn't get to have this dish, it was not available on that day :(

I wanted to try the veg chicken rice you featured @ Bugis, the coffeeshop just beside the eggless cake shop. Again, no luck, they didn't have that dish on that day I went :(


Anonymous said...

Hello Sunny, just need to check if this stall is at the corner and the foodcourt lighting is quite dim one? Long time ago I think I ate once but when I went back again, the food court is closed. Is it reopen? This slice fish meehoon sell only on Wed or Thurs? I miss it but don't know is it the one that I ate.

Hope you can answer. Thks a lot!

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Food court is still open, but may be closed on Sundays.
Yes, this stall is at corner, near the dishes cleaning area.
The foodcourt can be accessed via a staircase and escalator beside the McDonald rear entrance from Bus Interchange.
Lighting? Hmm, maybe bec at basement and always crowded, so may give you that impression.
Sorry, I do not know if Wed or Thurs, just try your luck lor, other special for the days are also quite nice.


Sunny said...

Oh, all special of the day now are priced at $2.50 already. Let's hope it maintains the pricing, no more increase, please....:-I