Friday, January 11, 2008

Green Vegetarian Kitchen (Koufu, Commonwealth MRT)

Due to job requirement, I had been travelling towards west & thru my journey, I always passby the new mini mall beside commonwealth mrt. I can see that there is Koufu food court and knowing that it will always have a vegetarian stall, I finally made an effort to visit it.

This is new stall name to me. Besides selling mixed rice dishes, it has alarte dishes, Menu of the day like Lor Mee, Mee Rebus, Tom Yam Mee Hoon etc and also a small section selling 油条,蝴蝶 (deep fried twisted dough/sticks).
As I was craving for western food, I decided to order its Vegn black pepper sauce pork chop with spaghetti.
I might be the 1st customer to order this dish for the day so the chef actually prepared the sauces on the spot for me. Can see from the small window that spaghetti was prepared 1st followed by the pork chop. It could be the waiting time to prepare the black pepper sauce pork chop, when the dish was served to me, the texture of spaghetti had become a bit tough from the waiting or probably also under-cooked (personally I prefer soft texture noodles:P ) Its spaghetti sauce was generous & thick but too thick for me, I think abit more diluted would taste better. The black pepper sauce was nice but could be improved if it could be spicer.:P The vegn pork chop (just a name for the vegn product, texture does not taste at all like pork) was those instant products made from bean, but was well cooked & when you taste it, you can actually feel abit of cheese taste (I wonder if they marinated it or it comes with product). Though the fries do not look nice from picture, they tasted great! I am actually a french fries lover but really must cut down on potato to control my weight.:P
This stall is located near entrance of Koufu Foodcourt beside Commonwealth MRT.

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