Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vegetarian stalls at Tiong Bahru Market

There are 2 vegetarian stalls at 2nd level of Tiong Bahru Market: RuYi Vegetarian & Cong Cong Vegetarian. Both are located at a corner of the food centre close to each other.

RuYi had been with the market for more than 30 years by now. My mum told me that it used to be run by a nun before & now you can see a few elderly Cantonese taking care of the stall. You can always see long queues infront of the stall. They serve only very traditional vegetarian mee hoon & mee with mock duck, chicken, charsiew, & slightly cooked vege as in photo below.
I think people like it for its traditional & simplicity way of cooking. Personally, I thinks its well marinated green chilli plays a great part in adding flavour to its plain meehoon which is reasonably well cooked. I don't like its glutton ingredients like mock duck & charsiew but I love its beancurd skin mock chicken which I think they are stingy in providing even if I ask them to just give me purely mock chicken for ingredients. Well, what more to ask for $2 a plate.
On the other hand, I help the other stall Cong Cong to feel stressful with long queues infront of their competitors. Usually, I could not stand the long queue of Ruyi so I usually patronise this stall. The stall had changed owner/chef last year a few months after moving back to the renovated market. To be competitive, besides having those standard vegetarian meehoon package, it allows us to choose 3 vege of our choice with rice, meehoon or mee at $2. It retained the specialty fried maggie mee that previous owner always sell. Taste wise ok lah, a good alternative as I don't like the standard vegn set with mock ingredients.

Located at 2nd level food centre, Far left Corner from direction of escalator of Tiong Bahru Market (30 Seng Poh Road), about 2 bus-stop away from Tiong Bahru MRT. Bus: 5, 16, 33, 63, 195, 851


Anonymous said...

hi, do u know the opening and closing times for these two stalls?

Sunny said...

Sorry, not too sure, but I guess on 1st & 15th of lunar mth, the vegetarian days, they are open around 6.30-7am & maybe slightly later on non-vegn days. I think they operate business until after lunch only. Not quite sure if Cong Cong operates til night as had not been there in evening for long time.:P
Hope it helps...

Kuan said...

Hi, I been there before, i bought for prayer at guan ming san temple for my be-lated grandparents. The biz is good, Twice also got to queue even on weekdays. Noodles with only few type of dishes, taste good and not too oily. I will return again for it.