Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tian En Vegn Food (Beside Aljunied MRT)

Moved to corner coffeeshop (same stretch/row) nearer to Main Road
but will be moving back on 16 Jul 2013 after renovation

Another new listing! Just at the corner of Aljunied MRT, there is this coffeeshop. I think the stall shd be less than 6mths old, always passby to CiHang without noticing (thot it as another mixed rice stall) until this rainy day when seeking shelter. Indeed it has great variety of dishes for the rice/mee hoon.

The dishes are innovative too. I was surprised to find a number of unique dishes. Usually, we have cereal vegn prawn but they actually cook it with vegn "luncheon meat". I had tried vegn ham but this is the 1st time I tasted vegn luncheon meat & in cereal prawn style. The cereal & curry leaves is well cooked and the luncheon meat I wld say taste very similar to the real one & as saltish. I had never fancy the real luncheon meat but for those who used to love it, you cld find back the similar taste. (Applaud for vegn food suppliers' innovation & effort;-) )
Another unique dish is its mixed salad. Unlike normal salad, the ingredients are actually combinations of pieces of fried popiah, potato samosa (puff), vegn fish cake/ball & I forgot what else:P It can also be ordered on its own as a side dish.
Very fattening & sinful but ok lah once in a while. :p (just a thought, next time if you have any unfinished food, you can also just add them in a mixing bowl & add salad cream/sauce to it & it's another innovative dish)
The meehoon was quite nice & they also have ala carte dishes like Hor Fun, Fish & Chips etc. I miss nice western food, shall try it next time.

Location: 1st coffee shop at corner of Lor 25 Geylang ( just beside Aljunied MRT)


Anonymous said...

The bak kut teh is very authentic and I also love the "beef" rendang. My friends liked their breaded chicken and vege bee hoon. They have such a wide variety of dishes that by the time we finished our lunch they had new dishes which we would love to try but was too full to! Will definitely visit again. Even non-vegetarians like the food there..

Anonymous said...

Bee hoon, curry vege were hard,not well cooked enough n cold despite being lunch hours.vegn luncheon meat & in cereal prawn style was not available. Limited choices of food n wok dishes special orders not available

Sunny said...

Hmm, it is important to be consistent & improve one's standard amidst the increasing competitive world...