Saturday, January 26, 2008

佳明素食 (S11 Food court behind Centrepoint)

Half Chicken. That's its name & its shape. Can you see shape of the drumstick & chicken wing?

Rather well marinated & cooked, while served hot, its skin is rather like the roasted chicken skin and the mock meat texture is too like shredded chicken pieces while tearing it apart. The beans are not warm but not too cold either, the fries are average. Generally, can try, for those who miss western food after becoming vegetarians.:-)

The S11 Foodcourt is located between (behind) Centrepoint & Orchard OG and the stall is at far right corner from nearest entrance to OG.


dreamy said...

I don't like it when the make those mock stuff shaped like the real thing, like they want us to think "Oooo yum yum! I love this chicken/duck/fish etc" It deficts the purpose of becoming veg hahaha...

Last time when i was in malaysia, they make the mock chicken into a chicken shape with the head and all :o

Sunny said...

I think it's a good start for new vegetarians though as most of us are brought up as Carnivores. If e.g. for children who are not pro-vegetarians, we can let them try & then tell them, hey this nice food is actually vegetarian & you can try nice food without having to kill the cute hen (Chicken Run) or pig (Babe) in the farm/movie you see for its meat. It's just a matter of cooking skill & marinating that made the meat that we used to eat yummy. The same wonder can work for vegetarian food too.
At least that is step 1 to lure them away fr meat, then gradually as we advance, we will move towards more healthy vege too.
That's my thought lah:P
Cheers :P

dreamy said...

hahaha... ok, you do have a point too :)