Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vegetarian Alert!!! Discounts!!!

Was flipping through the Chinese Newspaper this morning (14 Jan 2008) when a notice by the Spore Buddhist Lodge (bottom right of pg7 main section) caught my attention.

It reminds us that calendar day 15th Jan 2008 is the Buddha's Enlightenment Day.

Besides publishing its celebration events for the day, it also encouraged us to take vegetarian food. At the bottom of the notice, there are discount coupons of participating vegetarian restaurants giving 10% discounts*! We are encouraged to use the discount coupons at the participating restaurants from 14th Jan to 25th Mar 2008. (*However, pls note that some restaurants may have its own terms & conditions e.g. only cash payment with use of discount coupon etc, you have to clarify 1st bf use)

As the discount coupons from the picture may be too small for your eye, let me introduce the participating restaurants below:

Not in order of preference,

Su Shi Lin 素食林
100 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-16 Pearls Centre Spore 059812
Tel: 6222 6141
(I liked their Sweet & Sour Lotus Root roll 莲藕付卷, Fried rice, Hotplate TouFu)

Lao Di Fang 经典老地方素食之家
2 Havelock Rd, #01-38 Apollo Centre Spore 059763
Tel: 65338959, 6535 2513
(a Taiwanese bubble tea-house which also serves chinese dishes, I like their Spicy Noodles麻辣面, Fried Bean Curd (Taiwanese style), Dian Xin 小笼包 (Very similar to real but std/qly sometimes varies) & Sweet & Sour Duck pieces 酸甜鸭件 )

Xin Ming 新民素食馆
29 Kreta Ayer Rd, Spore 088996 (Opposite People's Threatre)
Tel: 6324 2481
(Haven't try bf, :P appreciate comments on their signature dishes)

Grand Court 鸿阁素食馆
321 Orchard Rd, #05-01/17 Orchard Shopping Centre Spore 2388866
Tel: 6235 2102
(Not been there for a long time but I recall their Potato basket/Yam Ring is nice)

Miao Yi 妙益素食楼
587 Bukit Timah Rd Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01/02 Spore 269707
Tel: 6467 1331

(One of their signature dish is Vegetarian Suckling Pig intoduced in earlier blog)

153/155 Kitchener Rd, Spore 208528
Tel: 6398 0836
(Haven't try bf, :P appreciate comments on their signature dishes)

20 Geylang Lorong 1, Spore 388712
Tel: 6744 8009
(Haven't try bf, :P appreciate comments on their signature dishes)

At the end of the notice, Spore Buddhist Lodge is also encouraging other interested vegetarian restuarants to join in this discount drive by contacting them at tel: 6737 2630.

This is really a cause for Joy as during this festive period, we are likely to have gatherings & it would be good that we can have vegetarian food instead of meat (avoid killing for food) and yet have some savings from the discounts. :-)
So, why not suggest your friends to have gatherings at the vegetarian restaurants?

Lets hope more vegetarian restaurants will join in the discount drive or even non-vegetarian restaurants to give discount for their vegetarian dishes:-)

#Generally, Spore Buddhist Lodge will publish such notices with discount coupons before any celebration day or event, do continue to keep a lookout for it or you may call their tel: 6737 2630 to find out more info.



Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Hey, this is excellent.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

By the way, did all Buddhist Temples put such good stuff at their notices board?

If yes, there would be good. More people are then aware of it, anyway, do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian food or eat more vegetarian food, right?

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,
Not sure if all Buddhist temples as there are too many but I understand among temples, there is some networking & they will share good stuff for their notice boards which is why you may find posters of a temple's event in another's notice board.

I would say that variety of vegetarian food is getting better that even non-vegetarians enjoy/accept vegetarian food.