Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nature Vegetarian (Sin Ming Ave)

Mee Soto - was thinking if there is vegn version & abt to ask Crystal to help recreate when there it is, Special menu for the day at Nature vegetarian.:-)

With shreds of vegn chicken & generous portion of bean sprouts, the soup is mild in taste (has a slight replica taste but mild) with flavour enhanced by the sliced chilli & the most important ingredient is the shredded vege which is sprinked on it. I think for real mee soto, this vege is also there to enhance the fragance of the soup, tasted like mini celery stalk, not sure its vege name:P

So far didn't fancy vegn fishball, always taste rubbery & feel could choke on them:P. I think the dish can do without fishball & replace by maybe mushroom instead to enhance the soup flavour.
Generally taste ok lah, well enough to be called mee soto:-)

Noticed that there are many unique replica dishes at Nature Vegetarian, eg. Hakka 算盘子 & mee soto etc, maybe if you crave for anything & suggest to them, they will help you recreate in vegn form. :-)

Located at 409 Sin Ming Ave, #02-01 (Opp Bright Hill temple)
Opening hrs: 7am to 9.30pm


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Mee Soto, how come you know i don't know :( cannot, must go and eat.

I experiment with Mee soto last year, i lost the paper that i scribble the ingredients on. :p sign of old age ... sigh ... :)

Sunny said...

No lah, I didn't know you don't know but have faith you can recreate in vegn style :-)

It's special menu for day so try your luck if available...

Cheers :-)

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Naughty gal, you make me real hungry and envy you.

BTW, i tried the QQ rice you mentioned. Thanks, never know that there are so many good food around. Oh, i think i might pop by bugis to buy eggless cake today.

See lah, i'm growing sideway now - all bec of yummy veg. food. :(

Sunny said...

???Envy? I would then envy your son lah, got so many nice innovative dish & drink to try...
? QQ rice or QQ mee?
ok, let us know any goodies they have at the cake shop, I need to start shopping for vegn cookies or snacks for CNY soon.
Am thinking if to make a special trip down to Porridge King to get their pineapple tarts.:P I bought from their counter last year. Vyummy, better than normal non-vegn on market but expensive lah.
Cheers :-)