Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Su Si Xuan

So Sad! This stall had closed down...
Geylang can really be vegetarian's paradise with so many choices. From local delights to fusion dishes.
This is another vegetarian stall at the corner coffeeshop near the main road of Lor25 Geylang, 1st stretch of shophouses from Aljunied MRT.
It is more on local delights selling economical rice with dishes as well as stir-fry dishes like Hor Fun, etc.
We had the Fried carrot cake which was quite nice & soft and the menu for the day: "Xiang Wei Ramen" or literally translated as "Fragrant Ramen" which was quite unique. The noodles tasted like Jap Ramen that was accompanied with what I would consider as salty dark sauce that matched with pickled vegetables which is also salty in nature. For those who likes stronger gravy, you could try.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yuan Yuan Vegetarian (缘缘素食斋)

Sad! Ceased Operation...

Vegetarian Green Curry!
Having read much about this new Thai vegetarian stall and green curry, I finally had a chance to try it.
This is 1st time I tried Green Curry, it is non-spicy at all but its gravy is very smooth and with very fragnant coconut taste. Very different from red curry but also Very appetising that you could finish their well cooked brown rice easily with. As it is my 1st attempt on green curry, I can't compare it with other stalls but it is certainly a delicate that I strongly recommend to try if you visit this stall.

It is located at a competitive place, #45 Geylang Lor 27, at a corner coffeeshop on 2nd stretch of shophouses from Aljunied MRT, beside the HeJi Bao coffeshop or bus stop of Aljunied MRT. Same stretch as Yes Natural but nearer to main road. Including it, there are 2 vegetarian cafe & 3 vegetarian stalls just along 2 stretch of shophouses from Aljunied MRT.
It rests on Monday, opens fr 10.30am to 10pm.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 Sensations

Having heard much recommendations about 7 Sensations located at Little India and with the incentive of discounts from the Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide, I finally made a trip there with my rather anti-vegetarian sister and her vegetarian friend.
I had wanted to try the Clam Chowder Soup that ilovemyveg recommended but it was not on the menu (guess it is soup of the day) so we tried their Soup of the day: Carrot soup instead.

This is the 1st time I tried carrot soup in western style & a pleasant surprise. It was rich and creamy, and sweet like the pumpkin soup that I love. If they serve it with nice crunchy bread, it could be a fulfilling meal by itself.

The Mango and Avocado salad was also a great appetiser, wish they had more avocado and sauce to go with it.

Then, the Lasagne, very rich and cheesy, nice too but I wonder why they add the sweet sauce (I think the type usually used for the popiah) on top of the lasagne, somehow it spoils a bit of the taste.
It is a vegetarian fusion restaurant that serves Asian delights as well. We decided to try their Korean Hot Pot Brown Rice. It is a nice big pot with good portion of vegetables and mock meat shreds. The soft brown rice, reminded me of the tasty Taiwanese brown rice of the short grain type tried during my trip to Taiwan earlier in the year. The light sichuan vege soup that comes with it tasted refreshing.
The portion of the main courses at 7 Sensations are rather hugh and filling, so the recommendation is to order 2 main dishes for a company of 3 so that you may have some room for their tempting cakes as dessert. It is also a cosy place for gathering with friends and family. I am glad that my sis who usually has higher expectations on vegetarian meals commented that she will return for future meals with her non-vegetarian friends. :-)

The restaurant used to be located at 16 Madras street, Now at 9 Raffles Boulevard, #P3-07 (3rd Floor) Parco.

Millenia Walk, S. 039596, Tel: 6298.8198, Fax: 6336.3194

Nature Vegetarian (Sin Ming Ave)

A long time since I last visited the stall, and I ordered my always favourite, their Ngian Toufu. The advantage is their variety and since they also sell Ban Mian & other noodles, you can choose to add different noodles apart from the traditional yellow noodles. This round, they even added shredded mushroom to the soup and the presentation looked appetising, however, their price seems to have increased again.:P
Before I left, I saw someone ordered their western food which I think is their fried cutlet which looked very tasty, very well breaded and their fried rice which I recalled one of my not very pro-vegetarian friend commenting that their fried rice tasted even better than alot of non-vegetarian stalls. I must remember to order that next time. :P
Located at 409 Sin Ming Ave, #02-01 (Opp Bright Hill temple)
Opening hrs: 7am to 9.30pm

Yong Vegetarian Food (People's Park Complex Food Centre)

Great to know that a new Vegetarian stall that just opened at People 's Park Complex. The last one closed down since last major renovation & it's been some time that finally a new vegetarian stall opened. It's quite easy to find, located along the stretch facing opposite Bossini/McDonald. It serves economical rice dishes as well as the usual stir fry dishes at around $3.
I tried the vegetarian fish soup, taste wise okay , the uniqueness is its fried bean curb being used, it's the "Hong Shao Toufu" type rather than the traditional white silken or Wuxiang beancurb.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

佳明素食 (Concorde Hotel Food Court)

This is from the other vegetarian stall at Orchard located at the old Le Meridian or currently already known as Concorde Hotel, about 3 streets away from Centrepoint. Glad to find it still surviving well in the competitive food court which has many delights. It seems to be quite popular as the economical rice is quite reasonably priced with any 3 dishes at ave $3.30 that comes with a free bowl of soup (with wolfberries!). Their dishes do always look appetising and they also serve stir-fry dishes like Hor Fun, Laksa, Mee Goreng, etc.
Their Hor-fun is worth trying, using the slightly thinner version of Hor-fun, it is smooth & fragrant & the gravy is great!
My friend tried their laksa & commented that it tasted good, you can see from picture, the thick traditional gravy really looked appetising and the deep-fried dumpling that came with it. Oh, feel so sinful :p just with a look! I went to look for it a few times but they don't serve it daily. Instead, during the last visit, I managed to try their Spicy noodles (which they call "Hong Shao Mian"), which was very spicy chilly noodles accompanied with some over-cooked soggy mock mutton, but also worth trying for spicy lovers :-).

The stall is located near right turn from entrance, beside the popular Indian stall.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

园香素食 Yuan Xiang Vegetarian

Again, I tried their Fried Kway Teow which they rebrand it "Fried Kway Teow with prawns" to have the exclusive feel? I don't really see much increase in the mock prawns but the other ingredients are a good portion and the Fried Kway Teow is still as good and nice portion at a price of $3.50. :-)

The stall is located at the food centre just opposite Bras Basah Complex.