Sunday, July 12, 2009

佳明素食 (Concorde Hotel Food Court)

This is from the other vegetarian stall at Orchard located at the old Le Meridian or currently already known as Concorde Hotel, about 3 streets away from Centrepoint. Glad to find it still surviving well in the competitive food court which has many delights. It seems to be quite popular as the economical rice is quite reasonably priced with any 3 dishes at ave $3.30 that comes with a free bowl of soup (with wolfberries!). Their dishes do always look appetising and they also serve stir-fry dishes like Hor Fun, Laksa, Mee Goreng, etc.
Their Hor-fun is worth trying, using the slightly thinner version of Hor-fun, it is smooth & fragrant & the gravy is great!
My friend tried their laksa & commented that it tasted good, you can see from picture, the thick traditional gravy really looked appetising and the deep-fried dumpling that came with it. Oh, feel so sinful :p just with a look! I went to look for it a few times but they don't serve it daily. Instead, during the last visit, I managed to try their Spicy noodles (which they call "Hong Shao Mian"), which was very spicy chilly noodles accompanied with some over-cooked soggy mock mutton, but also worth trying for spicy lovers :-).

The stall is located near right turn from entrance, beside the popular Indian stall.

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