Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Su Si Xuan

So Sad! This stall had closed down...
Geylang can really be vegetarian's paradise with so many choices. From local delights to fusion dishes.
This is another vegetarian stall at the corner coffeeshop near the main road of Lor25 Geylang, 1st stretch of shophouses from Aljunied MRT.
It is more on local delights selling economical rice with dishes as well as stir-fry dishes like Hor Fun, etc.
We had the Fried carrot cake which was quite nice & soft and the menu for the day: "Xiang Wei Ramen" or literally translated as "Fragrant Ramen" which was quite unique. The noodles tasted like Jap Ramen that was accompanied with what I would consider as salty dark sauce that matched with pickled vegetables which is also salty in nature. For those who likes stronger gravy, you could try.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is it on the same stretch as Ci Hang? Does the carrot cake has cai pu? similar standard like Yi Xin?

Sunny said...

Yes, same stretch as CiHang. 3 vegn outlet in 1 stretch:P
I can't recall if it has cai pu, you may ask not to put it if you don't take. Yes, comparable to Yi Xin. :-)

A Veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Very competitive ... but is the veg populations or crowds at this area - big???

Bugis is different, because it is near a very famous temple and it is near few shopping malls, cinerma, can walk over to Suntec, or city hall, NLB easily, the buzz of bugis village, so can go to temple, shopping then go for veg food. But at Aljunied, what can we do? Temples, only few?

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

Haha, that means you had not explored the area well.
Besides Food paradise, Geylang can be considered a multi-religious place. It has church, mosque and not to mention the many Taoist & Buddhist temples & centers around the region. Especially on the stretch opp the coffeshop, you can find easily >1 temple on each lane and opp Kwan Im Zhai, many more popular Buddhist centres. :-)
You cld easily go on half to 1 day Buddhist temple/centre tour visiting each with its uniqueness. Try it:-)

A veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Look like only going for worship places, nothing much then ...

Yes Natural is having their Bakery, eatery, shop near to their common religious meeting place.

One famous Pureland sect from Taiwan is also around that area.

Nearby there is a Temple providing Veg food where we just pay what we feel like ... is it still there ? Been there in 2006.

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

Most people take vegetarian meals before trip to temples so that cld explain the demand & supply there.

Each temple or centre usually has its "Feng Ge", you can see the diff culture thru its design.

I only know recently that Jing Ming Fo Xue She which always organise Dharma talks has a mini buffet section that you need only pay ard $2 for meal which is also a good convenient alternative...

A veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Mini Buffet for S2, is real good, i think just to cover the material cost only.

Soon, Singapore will be famous for free temple vegetarian food :) There should be some nice write up of all these interesting stuff.

FGS - the price of the food is real cheap too. Nice cosy eatery, nice veg food, price up to individual.

We are so blessed.

Cheers :)