Friday, December 16, 2011

Miao Yin Vegetarian

Sad ! Ceased Operation...

Malay Food: Mee Rebus & Satay! Authentic gravy, not too starchy, love green chilli slices in Mee Rebus gravy. Had always thought Mee Rebus was quite vegetarian-friendly until I read from a recipe that non-vegetarian Mee Rebus may contain beef good to have a hearty meal of mee rebus without worries.:-) 
The satay of mock meat served warm does have some fatty resemblance:P The satay sauce quite nice but as warned by my physician to avoid peanuts which I forgot was part of ingredients of a good gravy when I ordered, I daren't take much...

Address: Blk 1, Rocher Rd, #01-506 Kopitiam (Rocher centre corner coffeeshop, 2 doors away from the vegetarian cake house, opp Bugis OG, near the famous Simaru Guan Yin Temple)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ci Hang Western & Chinese Vegetarian Fast Food

Long time since I tried Western food and I do not like mock meat which usually taste very mock.
However, the picture at Cihang looked attractive that made me ordered their Vegetarian Chicken Cutlet ($9). It is expensive among its other dishes but certainly worth it! It came with its famous Mash Potato that is popular with its patrons. The vegetarian chicken was made of bean products but was well-marinated and well-fried that it does have a close resemblance of chicken chop and went well with the mushroom gravy over it. Worth trying! :-)

It is located at 72 Lorong 25-A Geylang, at stretch of shophouses besides Aljunied MRT.
Tel: 6747 1229. Operates from 10am-9.30pm with last order at 9pm. Closed on Fridays.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eastern Highland Healthy Cake House (Rocher Centre)

New Pastry by the bakery: Strudel.
I love the layered crispiness texture and authentic Durian cream filling inside, at only $1.50, it is certainly Fantastic! They also have Apple and Blueberry Strudels at $1.20, but for those who can accept Durian, their Durian Strudel is certainly preferred and recommended.:-)

The cake shop is located at 1 Rocher Rd, #01-510 Rocher Centre (Opposite Bugis OG) Tel: 6294 6932
It has moved to be neighbors with Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food, at Blk 134, Geylang East Ave1, #01-227, S'pore 381034.
 Tel: 67475580.

一心素食 Yi Xin Vegetarian, Chinatown

This colorful dish is on Yi Xin Vegetarian's top Chef Recommendation dishes: Jiang Bao Toufu which can literally translate as Sauce Explosion Bean curd. And indeed it is a dish that suits its name.
 :-) The sauce/gravy is very flavourful, very appetising to go with rice and yet not too saltish. It was served in a steaming hot claypot with silky smooth white tofu with minced mock meat, and generous portion of mushrooms. Very worth the price at $10. 

Another popular dish is their stir-fry Putai that is usually available among their daily economical rice dishes. Stir-fried with spicy potato cubes and mock meat, they really do it well. For those who like spiciness and had not tried Putai before, this is a good place to start with as they covered the pungent taste of Putai well with the spiciness. :-)
Located at a coffeeshop at 39 Temple Street, 一心素食 is just near centre of street opp Lucky Chinatown, beside stretch where the corner has many nice stone carving statues. Opening hours: 8am to 10pm Daily.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dining Hall of Buddha Tooth Relics Temple

Revisited the Dining Hall of Buddha Tooth Relics Temple, besides some economical rice dishes, they now have Daily Special and today's (Sunday) special is Mee Siam.
AND guess what! HK style skin rice-roll (Dimsum Changfen which used to be my favourite) with mushroom, crunchy caipo/meicai bits? Nice! How I miss these Dimsum Changfen which are rare to find in vegetarian style and only at $2...

素满园 (Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura)

Going to Plaza Singapura to run some errands so natural choice there is the Su Man Yuan Vegetarian located at their Kopitiam Foodcourt. Glad that they serve Lor Mee during lunch hours, and right choice, their starchy gluey yet soupy Kwai Chap style of Lor gravy served hot and appetising with the vinegar was perfect for a cold day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights

At the street across the Bedok Public Library, there exist a Vegetarian stall, Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights in the coffeeshop of Blk 412 Bedok North Ave 2. This stall was strongly recommended by P who lived in the East.

The stall specialises in Stir-fry dishes and its speed in serving is no slower than Rulaizhai at Sin Ming.
The vegetarian Sweet & Sour Pork was sweet with well-fried flour coating but I could not make up what's the ingredients inside. The Claypot Brinjal was spicy & appetising. The stir-fry Luohanzhai was well-done and saw the purple vege? At 1st I thought was brinjal but was surprised when P told me it is purple cabbage. Very crunchy and a plus point to the dish, I didn't know that it could be cooked in such a way other than as a salad vege. Their Wolfberry Soup is highly recommended, very refreshing taste, strongly recommend!
P mentioned that their Hor-fun and Hokkien mee are nice too and the place is crowded during vegetarian days, lunar 1st & 15th of the month.