Sunday, December 11, 2011

一心素食 Yi Xin Vegetarian, Chinatown

This colorful dish is on Yi Xin Vegetarian's top Chef Recommendation dishes: Jiang Bao Toufu which can literally translate as Sauce Explosion Bean curd. And indeed it is a dish that suits its name.
 :-) The sauce/gravy is very flavourful, very appetising to go with rice and yet not too saltish. It was served in a steaming hot claypot with silky smooth white tofu with minced mock meat, and generous portion of mushrooms. Very worth the price at $10. 

Another popular dish is their stir-fry Putai that is usually available among their daily economical rice dishes. Stir-fried with spicy potato cubes and mock meat, they really do it well. For those who like spiciness and had not tried Putai before, this is a good place to start with as they covered the pungent taste of Putai well with the spiciness. :-)
Located at a coffeeshop at 39 Temple Street, 一心素食 is just near centre of street opp Lucky Chinatown, beside stretch where the corner has many nice stone carving statues. Opening hours: 8am to 10pm Daily.

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