Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dining Hall of Buddha Tooth Relics Temple

Revisited the Dining Hall of Buddha Tooth Relics Temple, besides some economical rice dishes, they now have Daily Special and today's (Sunday) special is Mee Siam.
AND guess what! HK style skin rice-roll (Dimsum Changfen which used to be my favourite) with mushroom, crunchy caipo/meicai bits? Nice! How I miss these Dimsum Changfen which are rare to find in vegetarian style and only at $2...


justicenequality said...

How much is the 'Daily Special'? Is it standardized price or varies?
Can you list the Daily Specials from Mon-Sun n also to advertise for BTR Temple?

Sunny said...

Hi justicenequality,
Daily Special costs $3. Not sure if it varies.
Had intended to list Daily Special but forgotten to take a picture of it in my hurry.
Will post with more info if visit again. :-)

Good Week ahead!