Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights

At the street across the Bedok Public Library, there exist a Vegetarian stall, Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights in the coffeeshop of Blk 412 Bedok North Ave 2. This stall was strongly recommended by P who lived in the East.

The stall specialises in Stir-fry dishes and its speed in serving is no slower than Rulaizhai at Sin Ming.
The vegetarian Sweet & Sour Pork was sweet with well-fried flour coating but I could not make up what's the ingredients inside. The Claypot Brinjal was spicy & appetising. The stir-fry Luohanzhai was well-done and saw the purple vege? At 1st I thought was brinjal but was surprised when P told me it is purple cabbage. Very crunchy and a plus point to the dish, I didn't know that it could be cooked in such a way other than as a salad vege. Their Wolfberry Soup is highly recommended, very refreshing taste, strongly recommend!
P mentioned that their Hor-fun and Hokkien mee are nice too and the place is crowded during vegetarian days, lunar 1st & 15th of the month.


vegetarian said...

looks yummy! post the recipes please! looks like chinese food! I am a chinese vegetarian!

Sunny said...

Thanks for liking, you may have to visit the stall to request the recipe from the chef...

Anonymous said...

The sweet and sour pork is it those that can be buy from vegetarian supplies or is it make by the owner?

I dont like those ready make vegetarian mock meat, mostly has a type of odour that found in most of the vegetarian mock meat. If is make by the owner then I will like to try.thks

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous ,
It is made by the owner, doesn't taste like mock pdt off the shelf.
Another place to try is the outlet Near Braddell mrt.
You cld click on my favorite dish outlet on left column. :-)