Friday, November 18, 2011

Love No Limits

Sad ! Ceased Operation...

A new vegetarian Fusion Food entry at Fortune Centre introduced by Prefer Vegetarian blog.
Excited to give it a try especially on the Spaghetti recommended~ The American Veggie Bolognese.
Though it may be interesting concept to put the dish on those metal plate but the presentation could be much appetising if placed in Japanese bento set instead. Anyway, back to the dish, the spaghetti was well-cooked with generous tomato gravy which was sour enough to make the dish appetising. Portion wise still ok for me and unique to have 2 Chinese dishes - the stewed carrot tomato pieces and boiled green vege caixin. I wished instead for more of the simple shreds of salad which had a great mayonnaise alike dressing to go with.
Right now they are having a promotion that if you become their members at a price of S$10, they will give you 2 free pizza for redemption anytime and enjoy a discount of 40-70%  on their dishes. So,now one only needs to pay $4.40 (instead of $8) for the American Veggie Bolognese and get to enjoy their American Herbal Pizza ($12) for free!
It is pizza with thin crust with strong unique herbal taste which may not be acceptable to some but still worth a try with the crispy crust.
There are also Vietnamese Mee hoon, Malaysia Rojak & Satay Mee Hoon and other Asia delights on the menu, will likely return to try. :P

The eatery is located at #01-06 of Fortune center just next to Gokul.

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