Saturday, March 8, 2008

八仙素食 (Marina Square FoodCourt)

The curry noodles looked spicy but was not, just nice for someone who don't usually take spicy food. Its gravy is more diluted like Longtong and also served with generous portion of vegetables. I like the long turnip slices. It would definitely taste better if the gravy is boiling hot & vegetables cooked softer.

It is located at Marina Square Foodcourt, at the Centerstage, 3rd storey, just beside the escalator.


dreamy said...

Do they use milk in it?

Sunny said...

I don't quite recall tasting coconut so I think they do use milk. Better reconfirm... :P

Bernard said...

This one looks nice. Gotta try it myself next time! Came across your blog for the first time, finally find someone who shared my interest...:P

I have a recommendation to you. In NUS Prince George Park Residence, you can delicate veg food from China in the Foodgle Hub canteen. Very different from local flavors, yet very delicious....try it out!

Sunny said...

Hi Bernard,
Welcome & Thanks for your recommendation!