Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bras Basah Complex Food Court

This is a good stall to visit when you are hungry or you want to share food with someone of small appetite. As usual, the portion is big with generous portion of vege. The gravy for Hor Fun is abit plain so adding the quite salty chilli helped to complement it..
Talking about Hor Fun, I really miss the corner Vegn outlet that used to sell Vegn Hor Fun at Suntec City's Sky Garden. I vaguely recall the name is Kingsland? The Hor Fun was so well-fried that it was really fragrant & smooth. I wonder where the chef had moved to:P


dreamy said...

Hey, btw, do u know if indinine still sell veg food?

Sunny said...

I think it does but not purely. I just called them last week to check & I was told that for most dishes, you can omit the garlic/onion etc ingredients you don't want but certain dishes will have premixed sauces which contain them & I think your favourite curry is one of them but do reconfirm when you next visit.:-)

dreamy said...

Ok! Thank you very much! :) I am not strict with the pungent roots, but I can't take too much of them too :)