Monday, March 17, 2008

Pine Tree (Food Junction at Bugis)

I am certainly glad to come across the 1st Food Junction branch to have vegetarian stall.:-) The Food court is located at 3rd level of Bugis Junction, and the stall is just beside the centre escalator.
The noodles has been given a nice name: 书香面汤 (Fragrant Book Soup Noodles).
It is a generous bowl of soup with red & white carrots, mock meatball, mock cuttlefish, Sichuan Cai, black fungus , Lettuce & Xiang Cai sprinkled on top.
The noodles is a special type, I think it tasted & looked like plain, soggy Jap Ramen 拉面:P which I don't really like. Fortunately when eaten with Sichuan Cai, Sichuan Cai helped saved the taste.
Actually, the stall had a newspaper cutting that recommended its 书香米粉汤, the mee hoon version. I wonder why the noodles & not the mee hoon is on its menu instead. Maybe next round I will try the mee hoon version as recommended on the papers.

Fried Kway Teow, Nice in look & taste!! Using the slim Kway Teow version, it was well fried with sweet sauce & taste good with its chilli sauce. The lime, a good portion of vege & generous cucumber slices helped to reduce the sinful oiliness.:-)


dreamy said...

The kway teow is very unique! I never seen ppl do kway teow with veggies on the top... hahaha... like the ci yan laksa like that...

Anonymous said...

Pine tree is now located at fortune center Lv3.