Friday, March 21, 2008

一心素食, Chinatown

That's the traditional Pumpkin cake & Yam cake ($0.70 per piece) that I had earlier mentioned. Soft & creamy & the tiny mushroom cubes added flavour to it. Not to forget to add their nice chilli paste too:-)
Mini Sweet & Sour Pork Buns at $0.80 per piece. Nice!!!
Located at a coffeeshop at 39 Temple Street, 一心素食 is behind 德宝点心, De Bao Dian Xin.
Just near centre of street opp Lucky Chinatown.
Opening hours: 8am to 10pm Daily.


dreamy said...

Now china town got so many veg stalls with the opening of BTRTS... it makes it hard to choose! hahaha...

Anonymous said...

tasted this too sometime back.

Cheers crystal :)