Sunday, March 30, 2008

素食林 Su Shi Lin

Located at level 3 of Pearls Centre at Chinatown, this traditional vegetarian restaurant had been around for decades. They serve nice chinese dishes, still considered reasonably priced dishes so you won't really mind their ambience (traditional 70s? simple decor) and service level:P

I like their fried rice, is simple yet nice with a homely taste. Their Longevity noodles comes with generous shreds of mushrooms, carrots, season beans & bean sprouts. It is abit plain to my taste but flavour greatly enhanced if you eat it with the Assam fish gravy.
Although the Assam fish is not spicy enough but it tastes good. I prefer their small slices of bean curb skin fishes to those frozen big "soya" fish pieces at the supermarket which is widely used elsewhere. :-)
This is our family favourite: Sweet & Sour Lotus Root Rolls (莲藕付卷), also one of their popular dishes there. The lotus root being rolled with the well-sauced bean curb skin greatly enhances one's appetite to eat more. :-)

It is located at: 100 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-16 Pearls Centre, Spore 059812
(The building near Outram MRT)
Tel: 6222 6141

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dreamy said...

Wah! the rice looks very "carbo" hheehehe, but I dun care, they all look so nice! :9 Its lunch time now, I better go and eat after my blog visits, otherwise, cannot tahan haahahah