Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Green Vegetarian Kitchen (Koufu, Commonwealth MRT)

Just when I need something plain & warm!!! Their porridge is cantonese style, mixed with some unpolished rice with ingredients of long bean cubes , fried tofu cubes & fried flour pieces. Taste quite ok, not saltish but maybe too big a bowl.

I like porridge cooked in cantonese style, usually soft & tasty. I find few vegn stall selling such porridge. The only other one I know is the vegn stall at Hong Lim complex food centre (2nd flr) beside the fishball noodles. They have nice peanut porridge in cantonese style (with ingredients like vegn fish cake slices etc, haven't been there for long time so can't recall exact ingredients) that goes well with the best vegn otak I find so far (but their otak is with egg :P that made its texture smoother than those in mkt without)
Sweet & Sour Pork!!! Was steaming hot, fresh out from wok when I ordered the porridge. It looked so good that I couldn't resist to order. I think this is so far the best replica I had tried. The sweet & sour flour covering was very well-done & the texture of the mock meat was very much like the real meat taste that I could recall. I asked my mum who is non- vegn to try & she complimented it was nice & tasted like the real stuff too. However, it has to be eaten hot or else will lose its texture feel (口感) when it turns cold. This stall is located near entrance of Koufu Foodcourt beside Commonwealth MRT.

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