Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yuan Wei Quan Vegetarian (YWQ)

Had earlier mistaken that after Gourmet Paradise's recent renovation, the old stall was replaced as the menu seemed to have changed with big posters of their new menu of Black Pepper Vegetarian Chicken set and Vegetarian Sweet & Sour Pork Brown Rice set.
Their menu of the day stills retains but now at a higher price of $3 (2010) to $3.70 (2013) instead of before renovation of $2.50. Their Economical rice had also inceased to ave of $3.30.
Decided to try their new Vegetarian pork brown rice set (at $4.30 in 2010!) that comes with small bowl of soup, brown rice, cabbage & a small plate of sweet & sour vegetarian pork which tasted like well-fried flour coated button mushrooms and mock meat. Nice but will be more value for money if the portion is more. :P
The food court is located at B1 of HDB Hub. You can either enter thru basement car park entrance or from entrance besides McDonald from Bus interchange.


Anonymous said...

the price of the fish slice bee hoon also increase?

Magdelene said...

looks delicious!i should try it sometime :)

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
I believe so, generally price increased to general food court price. Guess anything below $3 will be rare nowadays. :-(

Hi Magdelene,
Give it a try, hopefully they could increase their portion...

May All Nice Vegetarian stalls maintain their quality & price reasonably.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Hey Sunny,

Yeah it's a pity that prices seem to be going up. Thankfully there are still a few places around where we can get a good meal for really cheap!