Friday, May 21, 2010

Pine Tree Cafe (Fortune Centre)

I guess now when I visit the Bugis area on Sunday & want a quick lunch in an air-conditioned area, Pine Tree Cafe would be a good choice. Its immediate neighbors, the other vegetarian shops on 2nd level of Fortune Centre, are closed on Sundays, and hence the "packedness" feeling on other days will not be there.

We had a good try on the vegetarian curry fish-head and chicken-chop noodles.
The curry gravy was quite thick with my favourite vegetables: the brinjals & lady-fingers & the "fish-head" are those compressed beancurd skin slices. Very appetising to go with the rice.
The noodles were quite "Q" (springy) and the taste of the vegetarian chicken chops were quite nice.

It is located at 190 Middle Rd, #02-13 (Fortune centre)
Opening hours: 10am-9pm


Anonymous said...

Hi.How much is the chicken chop? looks delicious.

Sunny said...

can't remmeber exact price, shd be less than $4.
Cld try. The noodles tasted good too. :-)