Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food (Tai Sun Eating House near Lavender MRT)

Hurray, a new vegetarian stall opens within walking distance (2nd HDB block) from Lavender MRT for the evening as well (starts at 6+am to 8pm Daily).
A good news for vegetarians who visits the area for events for the morning & evening .
I was quite surprised by the revamped Ground level of the HDB block 808, French Road that now houses a NTUC Fairprice & on its left, a new Tai Sun Eating House that has a vegetarian stall with same name Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food but is unrelated to the popular Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food which is famous for its vegetarian laksa at Geylang.

Was told the owner is a Malaysian who used to cook for Vegetarian restaurant in Malaysia and he serves economic rice dishes as well as Stir-fry dishes. We tried some stir-fry dishes such as LuoHan Zhai (Mixed vegetables), Vegetarian Honey-sauced Pork Ribs, Fried Rice and Spicy Beancurd.
The Mixed Vegetables is of average standard, for those who don't mind mock meat will like the well marinated vegetarian pork ribs, the fried rice was of dryer & firmer grains though my preference is of softer & wetter version, its fragrance saved the dish. And my favourite is the appetising soft beancurd, thumbs up for that. :-)
On its signboard showed pictures of laksa and dry noodles, etc. as well.
Will definitely revisit given the long hours availability.
For those who may arrive late close to 8pm, to avoid disappointments, you may like to give Mr Wu a call at 98788639 to place your orders.
May there be continuity to serve the vegetarians around the area. :-)


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Thank you so much for this Sunny!

Sunny said...

Hi Luke,
Thanks for visiting! :-)

Yvonne said...

Have you tried their curry mutton?Its their signature dish and it is delicious!

Sunny said...

Hi Yvonne,
Thanks for recommending! :-)
ok, will look out for it next time ;-)

Cheers :-)