Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Green Vegetarian Food (Tampines)

This is the expensive stall that Missveg recommended at 8 Tampines Central Eastlink Foodcourt.
Yes, 1 whole piece beancurb (with gravy) & 2 vege with brown rice costed $5! I must had got the same bean curb dish that she ordered.
Well, although the fried bean curb (tou gan) was quite tasty, it definitely is expensive! The stall does have a good variety of dishes, so unless you want to pamper yourself, if you don't order the brown rice & have those mapo toufu pieces in place of the whole piece bean curb, it will cost around $3.50.
And the pictures on the stall reminded me of the Just Green Vegetarian Food stall at Takashimaya that closed! Okay, I will try their stirfry dishes if I have the chance to visit Tampines again.


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Sunny said...

Thanks,but with change of template
quite a chore to readjust some of the font & format & picture size also like abit distorted for some posts.:P