Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ci Neng Vegn Food at People's Park Centre B1 Center Food Court

Visited People's Park Centre a couple of weeks ago & glad to find the stall still in operation.:-)

Decided to try their Vegetarian Pork Ribs (肉骨) or mutton soup noodles (sorry, too long ago that I forgot is which:P). But I do recall the mock meat as per picture look & tasted very much like those mock mutton pieces, soup wise, I recall was quite nice with wolf berries and bean sprouts & lettuce.

Attracted by the display of their Vegetarian Roasted Chicken Rice, so glutton me decided to pack that for dinner. Looks very real, right? Aiyo, I was having much expectation only to discover it's those small vegetarian fried drumstick made of beancurb skin, but the presentation was good & the rice was quite nice, with great resemblance, and it comes with a good portion of cabbage. Overall, worth a try. :-)

Located at the center Food Court at Basement 1 of People's Park Centre (Opp Chinatown Point), amidst the many tour agencies.

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