Friday, August 16, 2013

Gokul (Fortune Centre)

It's always a blessing to be able to enjoy Indian food at Gokul (Fortune Centre #01) without worries of 5 pungent plant consumption (such as onion & garlic). Besides Indian food, Gokul has extended menu to Chinese & Malay food as well as Western Food (burger).
I had long missed Meehoon/Mee Soto Soup and was glad to find Gokul at Fortune Centre offers the dish. It was cooked on spot with thick gravy which I suspect may be same stock base as their Indian mutton soup but it did have that spark of traditional Mee Soto Soup base though thicker version. A big bowl with generous serving with  bean curd, taupok & variety of mock ingredients.
Recommend their thick ginger tea too :-)

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