Sunday, October 3, 2010


Finally managed to meet my Little India expert friend and Yes, off to explore Little India again.

This round, we decided to try Vegsenz which is located at The Verge. It is actually quite easy to find as once you are out from exit B/C? of Little India MRT station (the exit to Tekka Centre), it is not difficult to find the big words of "The Verge" on a modern building. However, Vegsenz is not on this tower nearer to MRT, it is actually located on another tower behind the 1st building.

Walking along to find the shop, suddenly a different picture appeared before one, and there it is, a very Green & Refreshing looking cafe, its shop-front is a great contrast before the Sungei road which has construction going on. It is actually quite near to Bugis, just diagonally behind Sim Lim Square.

Stepping into the shop, a bright & cheerful environment welcomes one and we are immediately served with glasses of water and colorful menu.:-)

The theme is Organic Fusion food, so organic brown rice set, noodles & burgers are on their menu. Decided to have a try at their Mixed Vegetable Soup ($3.50) which tasted like combo non-sour Sichuan soup of starchy version with ingredients of wolfberries, strips of beancurb, black fungus & mushroom slices. The soup already has a strong sensation taste so there was no need to add the black vinegar provided which actually spoilts the taste when added.
We had a try of their Organic Baked Burger ($7) which is quite unique as the filling is actually folds of fried beancurb sheets together with usual ingredients of tomatoes & cucumber slices. However, the slices could not cover the saltishness of the beancurb sheets which was saved by eating the palatable and refreshing side salad of alfafa, carrot and beetroot. The creativity of the burger verus traditional fried potato or mock meat platter is actually quite recommendable.

Next, we had the Five Colorful Appetising Noodles ($8.50) which was served to us like an errupting volcano shape. We thought it might be like the Salad Soba served at New Green Pastures Cafe where the earlier burger's similar refreshing salad was put on top of the noodles but it was more interesting as when we mix the noodles, we discovered there were at least 3 types of colour noodles in the dish: white, green & black. It is actually a cold noodle dish and would had been more appetising for me if the sauce to mix the salad & noodles could be abit less sweet and less overwhelming to overide the refreshing taste of the salad and the cold noodles.
This is certainly another great place to recommend for gathering as it opens daily from 10am-10pm and has great relaxing atmosphere with quite good service. :-)

Vegsenz is located at The Verge, 2 Serangoon Road , #01-24/25/26 S(218227), Tel: 63920369

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