Wednesday, September 3, 2008

World Food Fair 2008 - Loving Hut

The World Food fair is currently held at Suntec City Convention centre Exhibition hall 601 & 602 from 3 Sep to 7 Sep. Look what I had found!!!

A stall by VSS! at the left corner of the hall.

Yummy, vegetarian satays, vietnamese vege rolls, curry with bread and rainbow rolls.

I tried their satay, nice! The vietnamese vege roll has the unique peppermint leave & thick mee hoon with vege, very refreshing. You must go there to support them, ok?


Anonymous said...

Loving Hut? I believe they have a few restaurants around the world, in particular US and Taiwan. Is there a branch locally?

Anonymous said...

It appears they have namecards possibly containing the address on the second pic. Did you get one?

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
This is 1st time I come across Loving Hut too.
Wow, impressive profile they have.
You are observant, that sure look like their name cards. No, I didn't have their namecard.
I thought it is just a stall manned by volunteers from VSS.
If you are in Spore, just dropby the stall by 7 Sep.
You may try to get more info from VSS web:


dreamy said...

VSS? I think it's supreme master ching hai hehe... shld have gone down! Argh! I missed it... till the next time...