Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ahmed Khan Restaurant

Located at coffeeshop beside Komala, opposite Farrer Park MRT exit A, C recommended the chapati at this last stall nearest to the drink counter at the shop that sells vegetarian dishes as well previously introduced to her by her Indian friend.
Freshly made naan (top left) , chapati (right bottom) of 2nd picture and Tandoori Roti (semi-circle) at $1 per piece with dishes of spinach gravy with bean curds (smooth) and dish of cauliflower with green peas (nice) at $2 each. Good texture chewy naan (softer vs chapati) and chapati (more chewy) prompted us to try their Tandoori Roti which the texture is similar as naan but much crispier. Good Try, strongly recommend!
Not sure if the roti comes in cutted half pieces or the friendly owner is very considerate to help us cut it in half for us to share for our 2nd order. We like the dishes too, in good portion and according to the owner, most of his vegetarian dishes (about 6 to choose from) are without onion and garlic which I am glad to enjoy but do ask in advance which are the ones before you order if you do not take onion & garlic as well.
The stall opens daily around 11am-11pm.

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