Thursday, December 18, 2014


At this new NatureCafe located at new building just beside Tai Pei Buddhist Centre (near Lavender MRT),  it will be a good choice for Vegetarians visiting the area.
In a cosy relaxing decor,  it serves a good variety of Asian and Western Fusion Vegetarian dishes.

We were glad to find Green Curry Kway Teow and Curry Fish with Rice and ordered them.

Though the presentation of the green curry is not good as it looked somehow powdery, the gravy tasted good, mild sweet and mild spicy. Its thin version of Kway Teow goes well with the green curry. Overall, I would recommend trying.
The curry fish dish was much better in presentation and the gravy tasted authentic and great to go with the rice! It's a pity that the mock fish pieces tasted kind of not well de-frozed so they were kind of chewy. The rest of accompanying vegetables like the egg-plant and lady-fingers were well cooked in nice portion. So, also a recommended curry dish to try.

On a separate visit, had also tried their Tom Yam Soup dish but that needs much much improvement in its spicy and sourness to make it as good as the rating of its curry.
(above is snapshot of Udon Soup with Fried Cutlet from menu)
(This is actual serving of Udon Soup with Fried Cutlet)

The picture on Udon Soup with Fried Cutlet on its menu (the more appetising snapshot on top) attracted an order but was disappointed when it came as it looked pathetic in comparison.
The pieces of Cutlet were soggy from soaking in the soup and not as well-fried and appetising. I would recommend they put it on a different plate next time they serve the dish. The prawns that looked attractive on picture were much smaller and drowned in the bowl bottom before being found with much digging and tasted like not well de-frozed yet.
Luckily the mild spicy soup that tasted better than its Tom Yam Soup saved the dish.
Despite the 2 disappointments, there are many other choices still available on the menu for future trial like their Baked rice or pasta which I hope is served with Vegetarian cheese and their satay that served on other tables looked appetizing.
A nice cozy cafe for gathering and will definitely return when there's craving for curry.  :-))
NatureCafe is located on left side of main entrance of building beside Taipei Buddhist centre, near Lavender MRT.
12 Kallang Ave, #01-28, Tel: 6702 3962.
Opens Daily from 10am. Last order at 9.15pm.

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