Sunday, February 13, 2011

Create Healthy Lifestyle

Visited "Create Healthy Lifestyle" at Fortune centre as we decided to have a tasty healthy lunch. We ordered our favourite refreshing salad sushi usually available at organic outlets and their menu of the day of Spaghetti (Angel's hair) with Black Pepper Pork chop and their Ipoh Hor Fun with home-made wanton. Both were accompanied with a free bowl of healthy soup with ingredients of white fungus, hugh bean sprouts, carrots, red dates boiled with mushroom stalk.

The Spaghetti's' pork chop was the type of soy-made mock meat that I like and was well fried that went well with the mild flavoured black -pepper sauce that was not too over-whelming. Apity the gravy was not well absorbed by the Angel's hair which could have added points to it.

The Ipoh Hor Fun came with a generous portion of vege and dark-sauce which needs good mixing to let the plain white Hor Fun absorb the salty sauce. But abit disappointed with the home-made wantons which were abit mushy when served. Oh, I miss good wantons....

Our favorite is still the salad sushi which was crunchy and refreshing. :-) Overall, a enjoyable healthy meal. :-)

Address: 190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #02-04, S(188979). It is located at Fortune Centre which is just a few minutes walk from the famous Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo street


Anonymous said...

Hi.How much is the spagehetti pork chop? is it sold everyday? look delicious.

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Can't remember, I think it is around $6-7.
Comes with s free bowl of soup.
Not sure if it is sold everyday, just visit the outlet one of the days to try:-)
It has quite a number of delights listed daily.