Sunday, December 23, 2007

Eastern Highland Healthy Cake House (Rocher Centre)

Cakes & Bread: Fully Vegetarian; No Eggs !!!

Do you believe it, they are actually vegetarian cakes!!!

For vegetarians who miss cakes, especially Birthday cakes, you can visit this shop at Rocher centre (its exterior is look of a very traditional cake house).

For years ever since I decided to be vegetarian on my birthday, I missed the good cakes. Until recent years, I was introduced to this shop & have been able to enjoy Vegetarian (No Eggs) Birthday cakes since :-)

I had tried other shops' vegetarian cakes but maybe bec the cakes did not contain eggs, the cakes are not as smooth & nice as normal cakes. This is the 2nd cake shop (the 1st had closed down:-() that I have tried so far that makes cakes just like standard of normal cake shops. I won't say that it is fantastic but good enough for me. :-) At least my non-vegetarian nephews can't taste the difference and still enjoy the cakes :-)(If anyone else do know of other nice vegetarian cake house, do share with us)

In my recent visit, I noticed that it sells Christmas log cakes as well. I have not tried it but it does look tasty as you can see from the pictures :P

(Blueberry cake)

Looks delicious right? It is nice but tasted abit too sweet during last try.:P Blueberry cake is so far my favourite from the shop.:-) However, in comparison to normal cake house, the price is abit steep for its special ingredient to replace eggs & it now costs about $40 for a kg (depending on type of cake ordered) due to rise of its ingredient costs.

Besides cakes, it also sells daily bread, miss your pizza bread or sambal prawn bread? You may find them there :P. There are also many other creative bread sold.
(Pizza Bread)
It is located at 1 Rocher Rd, #01-510 Rocher Centre (Opposite Bugis OG) Tel: 6294 6932
It has moved to be neighbors with Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food, at Blk 134, Geylang East Ave1, #01-227, S'pore 381034.
Tel: 67475580


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Wow, thanks Sunny. I need to get a vegetarian cake soon. Now i know where to go.

Sunny said...

You are welcome, it's nice to share info on good food.


Anonymous said...

wow thanks for sharing!! glad to know another veggie food blogger! hehe

Sunny said...

Hi anonymous,

Good week ahead :-)

Anonymous said...

hey you can get more eggless cakes at Ya Te Vegetarian Confectionery House at Blk 4 Upper Aljunied Lane #01-06 they sell products and buns as well...they are tasty! haha buses 155 100 n 135

Sunny said...

Thanks anonymous,
Possible to give more directions? E.g. how near (bus stops) fr Aljunied MRT (nearest MRT?)


Anonymous said...

hihi sunny...haha..erm you can go to aljunied mrt and then cross the road transfer to bus 100...erm its one stop after the aljunied park stop...or there is one in hougang as well....erm i think its at blk 355 upper serangoon road...they have eggless cakes breads and frozen products as well..its walking distance from hougang mrt...but buses are 74 112 147 119 136 ...damn i forgot...btw love ur blog...hahha...lookin forward for more yummy food updates...hope to start a food blog myself if possible hahha

Sunny said...

Thanks anonymous, I look fwd to you joining the grp of vege food bloggers. Personally I was motivated by senior bloggers like Crystal, Veggiebun etc (favourite links found on right column below). It's fun & easy :-) Just click on "Create Blog" on top right hand corner & just follow the steps.
It's great to know other bloggers of similar interests & exchange/share info.:-)
Hope to see your blog soon...

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny

You are right, their cake is yummy, just like real one.

I bought the rectangle shape one, not those with creamy (one 2 variety when i went that day). I intend to get the cream one when i go bugis again.

The location is just nice for me, for someone staying in the North. Thanks for recommending :)

Ooh, i got a hard time looking for the shop, i start from the wrong direction at Rocher Centre. Blur me! as usual.

Bugis got so many veg eateries, soon it can become vegetarian village lor. Such a small pond, so many swimmers, tough competition lor.

Got good veg food, must share share, okie :)

Anonymous said...

I find ya te is the best so far. the one at blk356 upper serangoon (not 355, is actually opposite a catholic church, very near punggol park)..on the same stretch as da zi rang veg shop (very famous for roti prata and the alartka is very nice) also very nice.

Anonymous said...

I ate the bread from this rochor shop but the filling is very little (really little) and is "quite empty" though very soft...and sometimes the lady a bit "hard sell" their bread one...just my few times experiences there before i get to know of other veg shop

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for introducing another shop:-)
Haha, yes, the lady is very enthusiastic in promoting her bread. I prefer their cakes to bread though:-)

Vicky D said...

Hi, do they use dairy products in their cakes? I'm allergic to eggs and milk. thanks.

Sunny said...

Hi Vicky D,
I understand that on special request, they could help you bake a vegan (non-dairy) cake.
You may like to call them directly to find out more.
Their Tel: 6294 6932


Val said...

Hi Sunny,
Wld like to know if Easter HIghland can be found elsewhere other than rocher rd? And which cake shop is better in your opinion, Easter Highland or Ya te?Is it cheaper than emicakes as i find veg emicakes expensive.I live in sengkang so would like to know if there's any veg bakery ard there as well.
Need to get a bday cake soon :)Please let me know.


Sunny said...

Hi Val,
Eastern Highland has another outlet at Blk134 Geylang East Ave1, 2nd bus stop from Aljunied Mrt.
Just a/few units away from the Corner coffee-shop that houses Kwan Inn Vegetarian.
Maybe changing from Circle line PayaLebar may be nearer?

There is also Yes Natural Bakery located just on 2nd stretch of shophouse from Aljunied MRT.
After trying several vegetarian cake-shops, Eastern Highland is still my 1st choice of more consistent quality.
I think their 0.5kg costs around $30+ while 1kg $40+.
You may give them a call at 62946932 to find out their other branch contact & enquire on the price.
I think the chocolate cake that I got from the shop at Fortune centre was from Ya Te. Taste quite alright too.
(click on label on Cakes on right column )
Hope you will enjoy a nice cake from your final choice and if you get to know any new outlets during your search process.:-).

val said...

Thanks Sunny for the cake advice!!Will be checkin them out soon.I enjoy reading ur blog very much as i just turned vegetarian last yr.I couldn't be happier and guilt-free.So i need info as to where to buy my fav food and i get it from ur website, thanks once again!!


Sunny said...

Hi Val,
You are welcome:-)
If you find any nice vegetarian cake outlets or vegetarian products, do drop a message to share info.:-)