Friday, December 21, 2007

KouFu at Pioneer Mall (Jurong West)

Another stall with hugh serving:P. I tried their "Lor Mee" & the portion is really big.
Instead of mee, I replaced it with the slim Meehoon. The sauce is quite thick & you can actually see a layer of oil on top of it :P.

For some stalls serving meehoon, if rushing for time, they will skip the process of soaking meehoon in hot & cold water, & then it will not taste smooth. The meehoon from this stall is smooth & soft, partly bec they also use the extra slim type of meehoon? However, as you can see from picture, the meehoon is overflowing & not all has absorbed the sauce well. Can try but maybe ask them to serve a smaller portion of mee or meehoon when you next order :-)

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