Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just Green Vegetarian Food (Takashimaya Food Court)

Located at Takashimaya's basement foodcourt, one of my favourite orders is its abalone noodles. Using BaiLing mushroom, it is a good replica of abalone with well-marinated oyster sauce as its noodle gravy. My friend's nephew who is not a vegetarian supporter actually enjoyed the "abalone" & agreed that vegetarian food can be as tasty.:-)
Personally, I feel that the noodles can be even tastier if more gravy can be provided.:P
(Abalone Noodles)
(Zha Jiang Mee 炸酱面)
We also ordered 炸酱面 that day but I would think it tasted more like satay-sauce noodles and was too saltish for my taste. :-( So. ignoring the name & if the gravy is not as saltish, it is still worth a try.
If I recall correctly, I think Ci Yan Xuan at Chinatown has a better version of 炸酱面 in its other menu of the day. Lets see what will be its menu of the day at my next visit. :-)

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