Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chinese Wedding Banquet (Hotel)

10 Dec was the Big Day for my cousin & also a pure-vegetarian day for me since it falls on 1st of lunar Nov month. In order for her vegetarian friends & relatives to celebrate the big occasion & yet maintain our diet, she & her hubby very kindly arranged vegetarian meals for us and we all get to enjoy a sumptuous chinese dinner as well:-)

The 1st dish was Vegetarian Cold & Hot Combination which is mini replica of the normal combination. There is sushi, spring roll & vegetarian abalone. The sushi was well-done, spring roll still warm & crispy when served & the cube abalone (I believe is using the BaiLing Gu (a type of mushroom)) was well-marinated & its texture tasted as good if not better than the real abalone. Yummy :-)

Next, in place of shark's fin, we have Double boiled Vegetable Soup. There is white cabbage, vegetarian ham & Mushroom. Taste sweet & good too :-)

The 3rd dish is Stir-fried Prawn with Water Chestnuts & Sugar Beans. This is quite nice with the prawn well marinated & cooked too.

Next, is Braised Sliced Abalone with Green Seasonal Vegetables. The abalone is using the mock whole abalone sliced. Not sure what is it made of but it is abit chewy & rubbery like the real one. I still prefer the abalone using BaiLing Gu.:P

Next, my favourite noodles: Stewed "Ee-Fu" Noodles. The noodles is well-cooked with sesame oil & portion is just nice.

Last of all, to end the banquet with a nice dessert, Double-boiled White Fungus & Lotus Seed Tea.
The sweetness is just nice to my taste buds though it will be better if the white fungus & lotus seed were cooked longer & softer.:P
On the whole, I enjoyed my meal :-)

Congratulations, B&P, may you have a blessed blissful marriage :-)

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