Sunday, December 23, 2007

欢心素 (Huan Xin Su) at Rocher Centre Coffee Shop

Yes, I was there again after visiting the Vegetarian cake house introduced earlier, & I couldn't resist ordering the Ba Chor mee again. I ask for take-away & It definitely taste good after all the simmering it could have with the travelling time home.

Looks good, isn't it? Remember to ask the chef to add more vinegar when you order the mee & when you pack back & open up, the nice smell of vinegar mixed with noodles. Even my sis, a non-vegetarian (who always say no to vegetarian:P) but noodles-lover admit that the standard is pretty good.

Of course, the stall does sell other dishes for eg. as per picture below: Fish Head steamboat & Tom Yam steamboat and other Stir-fry dishes like HoFun, Mee Goreng etcThe picture looks yummy, right? The chef told me the Fish head steamboat costs $5 which I think is pretty reasonable for mini-steamboat (Non-vegetarian could cost more?). I must make an effort to try other dishes next round I patron it again. Maybe you can try too & write me your comments :P

Address: 欢心素 (Huan Xin Su)
Blk 1, Rocher Rd, #01-506
(Rocher centre corner coffeeshop, 2 doors away from the vegetarian cake house, opp Bugis OG, near the famous Simaru Guan Yin Temple)


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny,

If you have not feature this, i won't even know there is a vegetarian stall @ the coffee shop, never bother to go there.

Look like, i will have to visit it for the noodle you recommended. It look yummy.

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,

Yes, you can try it at your next visit to that area.
Maybe you can also try their other dishes & comment.