Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nature Vegetarian (Sin Ming Ave)

Located just opposite Bright Hill Temple, sharing same building with a Childcare centre, Childland PL, Nature Vegetarian is a coffee shop selling only "vegetarian" food (however, not "pure vegetarian" as some food they sell may contain eggs so you have to notify them to be pure vegetarian or eggless when you order your food)

We ordered ala-carte dishes that day.
(Sambal Kang Kong)- Nice (Claypot Vinegar Pork, great for After-birth ladies)
(MaPo Toufu)

The vinegar pork tastes average but worth mentioning are the gingers in it. If you dare to eat ginger, you must try it. It absorbed the vinegar well & is really appetising & warms your stomach.

Was surprised that the MaPo Toufu that we ordered was not the dark-sauced version with mock minced meat. It looks & tastes more like sweet & sour toufu but never mind the name, it tastes great. Its very appetising sauce goes well with rice.:-)

Located at 409 Sin Ming Ave, #02-01 (Opp Bright Hill temple)
Opening hrs: 7am to 9.30pm

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