Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes Natural F&B (悦意坊)

I did not know about this cafe near Aljunied MRT that had opened for more than a year until I read about it from A 2nd recommendation by an Anonymous who left a comment at my blog further aroused my interest in it.

Finally, I had the chance to visit it last week and on recommendation by its warm staff, we tried the following: Pocket Salad which is Pita Bread filled with Alfalfa , cucumber, smoked mock ham and lettuce? with salad cream. Though I am not one who fancies Pita bread, I find the bread quite nice.
This Baked Cheese Noodles is excellent!!! To those who like spaghetti & cheese, you must try this dish which has its upper "crust" like Baked Rice's top and yet underneath is tomato-sauced spaghetti. The cheese on top is excellent!!! cheesy & yet not too much, and the sauce of spaghetti below is just nice & spaghetti well-cooked too... I will return for more...:-)
Lastly, we had the jelly dessert which is to be Funori based, a health food that I have been trying to find recipes for. However, I couldn't find any traces of Funori so I believe they must had it boiled & melted into the red-dates drink and cooled off as jelly. A scoop of organic soy milk is said to be the white sauce on top of the jelly.

Well, I believe I will return to try its other dishes...:-)
I was also told that its bakery had just relocated beside it about 2 months ago.
Their bread looked interesting but too bad I was too full to try then. Next time....
It is located at No. 57, Geylang Lorong 27, Singapore 388184. Tel: 67411580
Opening Hours : 11:30am to 9pm Closed on Wednesday
Its Bakery is at No 55 & opened from Mon- Sun 7.30am - 9pm.
The 2nd Stretch of Shop Houses when you step out of Aljunied MRT from left.


dreamy said...

I really got to try Yes Natural someday! It looks great! Glad you had the opportunity to eat at so many places :)

miumiu said...

I have go tried... the funori jelly dessert is not bad but i find the baked cheese spaghetti ($9) abit ex.