Tuesday, June 3, 2008

香香小吃 Vegetarian Pureland

A recent visit to the shop again, this round, I tried its Xiang Xiang Dry Noodles, On 1st look, one would think it is Wanton noodles bec of the mock barbacued pork, but it was served with cauliflowers, mushroom & a piece of soft beancurb, with light sauced thin noodles, a unique creation of its own. I like this barley drink which comes with white fungus, very reasonably-priced at $0.60.

Located at Blk 11 Jalan Bt Merah, #03-4460 (If from Ikea & Safra, turn left & 1 block away from ABC market towards Bt Merah Central direction, or 3 bus-stops away from Bt Merah Inter-change)
Though unit is #03, but it is actually at level 1 to normal eye level & you find 3 impressive looking vegetarian shops side by side.
香香小吃 is closed on Sunday & Public Holidays.


Anonymous said...


Saw the LaMien in the Yi Xin Su Shi and looks delicious. How much is it?



Sunny said...

Hi Bing,
If I recall correctly, it should be about $3 but not sure any price increase recently due to inflation....

dreamy said...

I have only tried the centre store once hahah I wish all three stores are near my place :p