Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ice Monster 冰馆

Ice with Mango & Strawberry Sherbet
After a tiring walk exploring Little India & feeling thirsty, we decided to take a break at this Ice dessert shop at "The Bencoolen".
With generous portion of sweet mango piling on top of the ice, we have no regrets ordering it. But we could do without the strawberry sherbet though as it taste abit weird (like not fresh oil taste:P)
What a delicacy on a warm day. :-) They have many other combinations and guess what???
I saw a Vegetarian label on its door. Cheers!!!:-)

1 comment:

dreamy said...

Wah... if the ice place is not vegetarian, I thik we have to go knock some sense in them le hahaha... mangoes are my fav and mango sorbets are my fav too... I jus like things mango :)