Friday, April 11, 2008

香香小吃 Vegetarian Pureland

I have always heard from my friend that there is this 3 vegetarian shops beside the ABC market (near Ikea & Safra). I finally managed to find my way there 1 good afternoon.
The centre shop with its unique signboard picture of a happy Panda chewing bamboo caught my attention. It is a small shop selling not only vegetarian food but also organic vegetables, nature health products and other vegetarian products. I could find the Rock salt that I introduced in my other blog there:-)
Nowadays, it's hard to find Soon Kueh with just nice texture of skin and I found it there. The skin is not too thick, though slightly thinner would be even more perfect but nice enough and the ingredients of turnip is fresh & crunchy.
I guess I would visit it again to try its other food such as sushi & noodles on its menu.
Located at Blk 11 Jalan Bt Merah, #03-4460 (If from Ikea & Safra, turn left & 1 block away from ABC market towards Bt Merah Central direction, or 3 bus-stops away from Bt Merah Inter-change)
Though unit is #03, but it is actually at level 1 to normal eye level & you find 3 impressive looking vegetarian shops side by side.
香香小吃 is closed on Sundays.

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dreamy said...

Ah I ate at the centre shop too last time! But its far from my house so I dun go there often de... I never try the soon kueh before. Looks good!