Friday, December 12, 2008

House of Tau Sar Piah

I think Balestier Road may be one place where there are many temples around and surrounded by eatery shops but you can hardly find any vegetarian stalls.
I walked up & down from stretch nearest to Thomson Medical centre to Shaw Plaza but could find no vegetarian stalls. I asked around and no one knows of any! So, this is really a potential place for vegetarian stall owners!!! I didn't have the time to locate Quality Hotel which is only place I know in that area that has a Vegetarian restaurant. In the end, I managed to special order Vegetarian Hor Fun from a non-vegetarian eatery outlet in Balestier Plaza. And look what a big portion of green vege I had and it's quite economical & tasty:-)

Balestier Road is famous for its many outlets of Tau Sar Piah (traditional bean paste pastry,豆沙饼). I think the House of Tau Sar Piah is the only Vegetarian outlet I can find along the stretch of Balestier Road that I explored. It is located at 529 Balestier Road, just beside the Kwang Im Tng Temple. I was surprised besides the traditional sweet & saltish type of pastry fillings, it has coffee, pine-apple and green-tea flavour as well.

Although not much a traditional pastry lover, I find the green-tea pastry that I tried quite acceptable. (Sorry, its surface may have suffered some casualty on my way home:P) Worth a try if you are vegetarian and love traditional pastry as the non vegetarian version generally has pork lard or onion oil as part of its ingredients. :{

And, do feedback to me if you know of any vegetarian eatery around Balestier Road as I may have to travel to there occasionally.

Thank you!!!


miumiu said...

maybe u can go to Novena Square, there's a Ling Zhi restaurant =)

Sunny said...

Thanks miumiu :-)
However, Lingzi can be quite expensive for a general working lunch verus a leisure lunch to enjoy.

I had explored Novena Square and was disappointed the 2 foodcourts did not have vegetarian stalls too.
The area actually has a high expatriate population and I often see foreigners order from vegetarian stalls at other food courts. I do hope that there would be new/more vegetarian choices for the Balestier and Novena region soon...:-)

Gary said...


There's a vegetarian stall at a hawker centre named "Balestier Market" along Balestier road run by 2 disabled men. They only sell vegetarian bee hoon though. But if you are there at the right timing, the bee hoon in the basket's piping hot!

Sunny said...

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the info, is it near Balestier Plaza or any signpost ?


Gary said...

It's a 5-10 mins walk from Balestier Plaza. If you are to stand at the entrance of Balestier Plaza, the food centre is across the road at 2 o'clock.

Sunny said...

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the info, will look out for it when next visit the area:-)

Good week ahead...

Sunny :-)