Sunday, February 7, 2010

Graces Court Cuisine

Graces Court Cuisine is the new English name for Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant which had moved to old address of Classic Lao Di Fang at Hotel Royal @ Queens #02-03.
This is one of the earlier vegetarian restaurants serving authentic Chinese cuisine. :-)Once you step into the restaurant, you will be greeted warmly by their jovial boss.

It had been years ago since I last tried their dishes, and the braised Yee Mee do bring back the good old memories, very authentic taste. Delicious!
Next we tried their Assorted Dim Sum of vegetarian Har Gao, Siew Miao, Guo Tie (Steam & Fried dumplings), Carrot cake. I like their Fried Guo Tie which may not had looked nice in picture but tasted great with the ginger slices.
The mini vege buns were nice too & glad they served the Fried carrot cake which was soft and authentic. Was told they have more versions of Dim Sum but not on menu, so do ask the waitress if you are interested to try. Overall, the environment is bright & soothing. Can be a good place for family gathering as well.
They are also popular in the Vegetarian catering business for Birthday/Wedding Banquets and buffets. :-)
Graces Court Cuisine is located at Hotel Royal @ Queens
12 Queen Street #02-03 Singapore 188553
Tel: 62385085 Fax: 62385302


Anonymous said...


I went to have a look that day, it is very near Bugis, from Fortune Centre and got hold of their CNY menu.

Wonder, do they still have the Buffet? I used to go for that many years back when they are at Orchard.

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

Yes, I think they still have the buffet, but I had real late lunch that day so they had cleared the settings.
You may call them up for enquiries.
Was told they will rest until restart biz on the 4th day of Lunar New Year.