Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vegie House at Genting Highlands

 I did a little research before I went to Genting and luckily the info is still not out-dated. The vegetarian stall: Vegie House, at the First World Plaza level 2B Kopitiam Food Court is still available. And it is quite popular, always having some patrons when I visited it during lunch and dinner.
It has a variety of stir-fry dishes such as Hor-Fun, Tom-Yam, rice sets as well as western food.

I tried their Fish & Chips, Char Siew noodles, and also ordered their Sweet & Sour Fried Abalone mushroom (RM15.90~S$6.40) which they gave a nice Chinese name: "World Famous Pieces".
Their Fish & Chip pieces were instant mock fish fillet pieces coated with bread-crumbs with generous portion of fries and nice coleslaw.:-}

Their Char Siew noodles, Q, and their World Famous Pieces were indeed nice & crispy with appetising sauce that T was all-praise of.

The prices are in range of RM8 and above and pls note that by default their stir-fry dishes like Hor-Fun will be served with eggs so when you order, pls specify to them your no-egg requirements and remind them again if there is a crowd...

Vegie House at Kopitiam Food Court, level2B, First World Hotel, Genting Highlands


justicenequality said...

Thanks for Sharing.

Am I Delighted n Glad that this still which I patronise some years ago, still Exist for Vegetarian like us.

Hope to be there soon.

Anonymous said...

indeed, their tom yam soup, fried rice all are too nice...one reason i go genting is to visit this food stall :D

bhanot said...

It's still around, curry mutton rice is lovely......