Sunday, December 23, 2012

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant

Our caterer for the Mani Recitation Retreat 2012 for Full-timers' meal~ Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant.
We had Mixed Vege rice for lunch & Stir-fry dishes such as Fried MiTaiMakFried Noodles for dinner.
Good thought and variety not to have Mixed vege rice for 2 meals and I would think this year's caterer is the best in comparison to past years and hence would like to compliment them to keep up the good work.
The portion is good and the food still warm when we have them. The dinner, especially the noodles is flavourful and oh chilli-lovers like myself have sparkling eyes when we saw the sliced chilli.:-)
Keep it up, 2 more days, pls continue to cook with love and perk up our energy!!!
Thank you to organisers, sponsors, volunteers and caterer!

According to the label on the box, Greenland is located at 789&791 Upper Serangoon Road Spore 534659.
Tel: 62828022

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