Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vegan Burg (Raffles Place)

I was at Raffles Place to run an errand and decided to try Vegan Burg again.
Well, only 2 choices for No onion No garlic as Creamy Shrooms not available that day.
Decided to try Cracked Mayo of Soy Patty verus Tangy Tartar (more of fish fillet).
Though the burger top did not come in good shape as their menu picture but I like their generous portion of lettuce. The patty was quite nice, something like my fading memory of McDonald's McChicken patty. The chilli & tomato sauce available for self-service at the counter was not without onion & garlic and upon asking, the helpful staff provided another version. Quite good service. :-)
Vegan Burg 's outlet at Golden Shoe Carpark #01-28D, is located more to the right of the building behind a printing shop.

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