Friday, June 20, 2014

Food For Life

Feeling a little hungry on way but still  an hour to dinner,  decided to have some snacks and there at Food For Life 's menu showed an appetizing Pumpkin soup at only $2.50. Much healthier than any snacks, I decided to try.
I was even more surprised it was not scooped from already cooked big pot  but freshly made on spot.  I saw a good demo on how easy the soup could be prepared!  A few big pieces of steamed pumpkin slices and a small potato with a pitch of salt? and a ladle of vegetable soup put into blender to blend and a nice bowl of pumpkin soup is ready with garnish of white and black sesame seeds and parsley.
Yummy! Tasty and healthy, certainly worth the price!

Food For Life is situated At Bishan cafeteria, just on 2nd level above Bishan Bus Interchange. One could easily spot it at traffic light at Junction 8 crossing over to bus interchange. 

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