Monday, March 2, 2015

Perfect Vegetarian

Visited the partially renovated Suntec shopping mall recently and was glad to find at the new Food Republic food court at Basement One, a vegetarian stall, Perfect Vegetarian, at the end of the food court, near to the exit to Millenia walk.
As per most Food court vegetarian stalls, it sells economical rice dishes and Stir fry dishes.

Craving for hot food, I ordered their Mee Goreng which I thought would be the usual Indian version of tomato sauce or spicy version. But it came in version of Brown sauce which I wondered if I was given KL fried noodles style and that does match Mee Goreng literally translated too. :P.
Well, it was a generous plate of noodles that looked appetising and it was actually quite flavourful with pepper taste but abit to the salty side in my opinion though I have high tolerance to salt content. So, perhaps to remind the vendor to put less salt when one orders.:-)

I am glad certainly to find this vegetarian stall at Suntec area and on way up to their Convention Hall exit, I was glad to find an extension of the food court with a hugh Vegetarian Indian Stall. :-) Will explore another time...:-) 


Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Henry Vegetarian.

This is personally my top vegetarian stall in Singapore.

Hope that you can stop by to review this stall

Henry Vegetarian by Award Winning Chef

Sunny said...

Thank you Anonymous for recommending Henry Vegetarian, had just visited and will post soon.
Cheers: -)