Thursday, June 4, 2015

滴水坊 "Waterdrop" Teahouse

Really long time since visited Waterdrop Teahouse as it is kind of far for me but had heard much about it recently from a Fb friend that finally made an effort to visit it. S recommended their Lime Tea and that is really a nice tea that I strongly recommend for future visits too. Very smooth and appetising for a heaty day.
Oh I really missed their Golden Triangle sandwich which sadly was no longer on menu.
We ordered their Cheese sandwich which made me missed their old toasted Golden Triangle Sandwich even more...:P
Dumpling noodles was recommended and always a dish I like to try whenever I hear they are hand-made rather than an instant off-shelf product. Well, perhaps I already had too high an expectation from the internet recommendations, it kind of fall short slightly of my standard but luckily the "Q" noodles saved the dish to make it still worth trying.
But am glad to know my favourite snack "Crispy Veg. Sliced Chicken" still on menu, hmm would love to try next round...

This teahouse is located within the 佛光山 Fo Guang Shan building (level 3) near Punggol MRT.

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